Goldfish Scooping ~Japanese Festival Stall~ [iPhone 4S/HD]

Published on August 10 ,2012 by ohayuni71

Stalls are an essential ingredient for Japanese festivals. Various kinds of stalls catch your heart as you wander into the stall street of a festival. The goldfish scooping stall is one of them. You scoop goldfish with a scooper and take the fish home as a prize. The young and old savor the traditional game at a festival.

I am taking care of the fish my five-year-old nephew got at a summer festival while traveling in Osaka with his family. Fish from these stalls usually don't last long after you take them home. As a kid, however, I remember this one fish I got at a stall survived 3 years. I hope my nephew's ones lead long lives.

- Shot in 1080p full HD with an iPhone 4S

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  • oscarfish fan
    oscarfish fan 4 years ago 0353

    Did anyone notice all the black moors

  • ohayuni71
    ohayuni71 5 years ago 4710

    The scooper consists of a paper and a plastic frame. It is designed to break easily when it gets wet. You can take fish as much as you want with a scooper. Even if your scooper breaks, you can continue to scoop with it if possible. Actually good players scoop with a broken one till the paper is completely gone. I think this can be called a game. As you improve your skills, you get more prize. It's not very easy to take care of fish, but they live long if you take care properly. :)

  • Ry_Raian
    Ry_Raian 5 years ago 2932

    I never really understood this stall. Is this a game and is there a limit to catching them? I'm not that good in terms of caring for fishes in general.


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