Our Homeschool Daily Routine: Vlogmas day1

Published on December 02 ,2014 by Erica Arndt

Join me for a vlog of our daily routine!

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  • Tammie Brazzel
    Tammie Brazzel a week ago 4601

    Awesome Mom!

  • michylle613
    michylle613 2 weeks ago 1857

    Enjoyed watching! You should do vlogging more often.

  • Noodle
    Noodle a month ago 0638

    wow...all I do is wake up and go on my computer :/

  • elhpasu
    elhpasu a month ago 5726

    how old was t your youngest one in this video?

  • Michelle Hall
    Michelle Hall a month ago 2753

    So with home schooling, the parent is basically the teacher? I thought it was more like taking classes online with an instructor 👨‍🏫 available.

  • Liza Rubiles
    Liza Rubiles 2 months ago 5929

    what curriculum do you use?

  • Lubna Shaheen
    Lubna Shaheen 4 months ago 0821

    Hi. Your video was really nice. I am planning to homeschool but i have some fears that i need to overcome. I am not a teacher by profession but i still want to homeschool my 8 yr old and 4 yr old. My fear is sometimes i feel i wont be able to teach my kids as i dont know much about what to teach and how to teach.
    Did u ever feel like this?

  • BeautyAndBrainsGirls
    BeautyAndBrainsGirls 5 months ago 5631

    I really enjoy your channel and will definitely be back! I enjoy making handmade reading comprehension materials for my little girl as well as math related resources. We are now working on decomposing and composing numbers and are having fun! We also love Thanks for posting. Thumbs up! And subscribed! BBG

  • Our Hillside Homestead
    Our Hillside Homestead 5 months ago 5721

    Great video!

  • Ashley Nave
    Ashley Nave 6 months ago 3349

    I was thinking about homeschooling my kids if I ever have any. Since public schools are getting worse and out of control.


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