Our Homeschool Daily Routine: Vlogmas day1

Published on December 02 ,2014 by Erica Arndt

Join me for a vlog of our daily routine!

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  • Lubna Shaheen
    Lubna Shaheen 3 months ago 0821

    Hi. Your video was really nice. I am planning to homeschool but i have some fears that i need to overcome. I am not a teacher by profession but i still want to homeschool my 8 yr old and 4 yr old. My fear is sometimes i feel i wont be able to teach my kids as i dont know much about what to teach and how to teach.
    Did u ever feel like this?

  • BeautyAndBrainsGirls
    BeautyAndBrainsGirls 3 months ago 5631

    I really enjoy your channel and will definitely be back! I enjoy making handmade reading comprehension materials for my little girl as well as math related resources. We are now working on decomposing and composing numbers and are having fun! We also love Thanks for posting. Thumbs up! And subscribed! BBG

  • Our Hillside Homestead
    Our Hillside Homestead 3 months ago 5721

    Great video!

  • Ashley Nave
    Ashley Nave 4 months ago 3349

    I was thinking about homeschooling my kids if I ever have any. Since public schools are getting worse and out of control.

  • Jessica Salas
    Jessica Salas 5 months ago 4253

    I so want to home school, but my little guy doesn't listen to me.

  • Dani Evelyn
    Dani Evelyn 6 months ago 2437

    Awe this was on my bday

  • Sylvia Catalano
    Sylvia Catalano 7 months ago 1838

    Wow...you are super organized!! You've totally changed my views on home schooling. If you had a teaching credential, I could see other parents clamoring to get their kids into your classroom to get a decent education. I'm in California and the classrooms are bulging at the seams! Teacher-student ratio is horrible!! And the tuition co$t for a preppy-private school academy is through the roof! And let me just say...God has disappeared completely from the classrooms. All the way from the pledge of allegiance to subjects like science. It's a disgrace. :(
    You give the American-future hope, Erica. I hope other moms watching your channel will be inspired to hang their teaching-shingle and follow suit. :) God bless you.

  • Ansam atto
    Ansam atto 12 months ago 5446

    Hello! I'm a new subscriber :) I only watched 2 of your videos and I already love your family! I also have 4 kids and I want to start summer homeschool, can't wait to watch all your videos!

  • Proud Mom
    Proud Mom one year ago 0105

    Hi, I am a new suscriber. lovely kids!
    where did you buy the red tray? it a great mess- prevention.

  • Christiane Luiz
    Christiane Luiz one year ago 2427

    we had the same birds, but the noise was too much for the kids so we had to give them away


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