How to pass the EPA 608 Certification Test Type 1 2 3 Universal for HVAC.

Published on May 16 ,2016 by edisonhvac

This video is the introductory video for the other 20 EPA 608 CFC Test Study Guide on the edisonhvac channel. I set up the plan for anyone who is testing for the exam. Weather it is the first time or a re attempt or even a refresher then these videos might help. HVAC is a great trade that will need a lot (30,000 + * of qualified people in the future to fill jobs. For most it starts with this certification. Other than the ads I am not selling anything. Just trying to help the industry. If the video helps, please comment or like. Any feedback is appreciated. Good luck!

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  • THCBaked420
    THCBaked420 6 days ago 3654

    when you take the exam, do you take all 3 types?

  • Emmanuel Chavarria
    Emmanuel Chavarria 2 months ago 1727

    how long until you get the test results? i took a wrtten test like on a Friday 4/21/17.

  • Seawolfvital
    Seawolfvital 2 months ago 1630

    Best teacher ever. I was surprised to find this free and informative videos. EPA wants to see educated techs but never released anything close to what this man did to achieve it. Got my universal(24, 24, 24, 25). Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. Thanks a lot.

  • Eric Han
    Eric Han 2 months ago 5500

    I got my universal yesterday because of your videos. I was even able to get a 24/25 on type 3. Thank you!

  • Deke Sanders
    Deke Sanders 2 months ago 1149

    I just recieved my Universal Technician cert! Let me be yet another student who commends you for these fantastic training videos. THESE made all of the difference for me. Kudos to the Professor here, as the content is spot on and presented very very well! Thank you! I shared this with the other students who were trying to get Universally certified, and they agreed and commented that these were the best on the net! Well done. Thanks again!

  • Joe Hadi
    Joe Hadi 2 months ago 3649

    I already got mine

  • new lew
    new lew 3 months ago 4245

    Thank you for these videos! I purchased some study material, but could not get into it.

    Your lectures helped me to understand certain processes. I was able to read the material and understand. I now have my universal certification

  • Trevor Dietz
    Trevor Dietz 3 months ago 1835

    your videos have been helpful so far. I work for MCPS in Maryland and I am exposed to commercial chillers. But I find it helpful some of the words and phrases you have used. I frequently watch these videos just to keep my mind fluent, thanks again for the videos

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 3 months ago 4802

    hi, i am not American can i get EPA certificate

  • Dane S
    Dane S 3 months ago 4047

    These videos were fantastic. Great resource for preparing to pass the EPA 608. Thumbs up. Thanks for being generous with your knowledge and time.


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