How to pass the EPA 608 Certification Test Type 1 2 3 Universal for HVAC.

Published on May 16 ,2016 by edisonhvac

This video is the introductory video for the other 20 EPA 608 CFC Test Study Guide on the edisonhvac channel. I set up the plan for anyone who is testing for the exam. Weather it is the first time or a re attempt or even a refresher then these videos might help. HVAC is a great trade that will need a lot (30,000 + * of qualified people in the future to fill jobs. For most it starts with this certification. Other than the ads I am not selling anything. Just trying to help the industry. If the video helps, please comment or like. Any feedback is appreciated. Good luck!

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  • Mc Me
    Mc Me 2 weeks ago 5312

    Well done. Thanks for doing this.

  • Mohammad Emadi
    Mohammad Emadi 3 weeks ago 0511

    Grate class. And grate teacher

  • John Clean
    John Clean 3 weeks ago 5527

    Mr. Robert. Can you please provide links to the topics you mentioned. I am staying for the core exam. I do not want to fail. any advice you can provide would be most appreciated.

  • Rob R.
    Rob R. 4 weeks ago 5742

    Excellent series! Thank you for walking through the concepts!

  • William Ellerbe
    William Ellerbe a month ago 0603

    Your videos are the first reference I have found for this subject of HVAC. I want to make sure to express my appreciation for your explanation of "Refrigerants." At this stage in my life, I've had several years of experience in various fields. This experience gives me a sincere appreciation for systems of various kinds. Thanks to your instruction, I have a greater appreciation for the "Refrigeration" systems that exist in the appliances we have in our homes and businesses.

  • AdamEater
    AdamEater a month ago 1224

    Holy crap, I can't believe i hadn't found this channel yet. I'm subscribed to just about every HVAC channel. Also, just start HVAC school 1 week ago. Thanks for this!

  • texture6
    texture6 2 months ago 4424

    Whats the difference between esco institute and mainstream engineering?

  • Enzo Chacin
    Enzo Chacin 2 months ago 1514

    I'm actually on Boynton, Florida. But on September I'll be in west Jordan,Utah

  • Enzo Chacin
    Enzo Chacin 2 months ago 1415

    Hi, I'm enzo chacin from venezuela. I used to work with whirlpool for 5 years. But i wanna be certified here on USA. With your courses. So what can i do for make that happen?

  • Milton Perez Camacho
    Milton Perez Camacho 2 months ago 5718



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