How to pass the EPA 608 Certification Test Type 1 2 3 Universal for HVAC.

Published on May 16 ,2016 by edisonhvac

This video is the introductory video for the other 20 EPA 608 CFC Test Study Guide on the edisonhvac channel. I set up the plan for anyone who is testing for the exam. Weather it is the first time or a re attempt or even a refresher then these videos might help. HVAC is a great trade that will need a lot (30,000 + * of qualified people in the future to fill jobs. For most it starts with this certification. Other than the ads I am not selling anything. Just trying to help the industry. If the video helps, please comment or like. Any feedback is appreciated. Good luck!

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  • Enzo Chacin
    Enzo Chacin 3 days ago 1514

    I'm actually on Boynton, Florida. But on September I'll be in west Jordan,Utah

  • Enzo Chacin
    Enzo Chacin 3 days ago 1415

    Hi, I'm enzo chacin from venezuela. I used to work with whirlpool for 5 years. But i wanna be certified here on USA. With your courses. So what can i do for make that happen?

  • Milton Perez Camacho
    Milton Perez Camacho 6 days ago 5718


  • Tenzin Ghechen
    Tenzin Ghechen 2 weeks ago 0711

    You are far better teacher than the ones I am having right now. Even though I paid this school to learn more on this trade but I am actually learning more from just watching your videos......Thank you sir....and God bless you

  • Mazin Alrawe
    Mazin Alrawe 3 weeks ago 0824

    Thank you so much you help a lot thanks

  • brooke curry
    brooke curry a month ago 1746

    iam a mother of 4 try to get my epa and your videos are so helpfull thank you

  • tyres freeman
    tyres freeman 2 months ago 4418

    Your videos really help me a lot help me pass the EPA certification I passed a Core type one type two and type III thank you with high scores my core 88 my type one 92 type two 92 type three 92 and keep up with the good work really love your videos.

  • Mando GettinItIn
    Mando GettinItIn 2 months ago 0624

    I'm starting universal school July 10. Having a universal certificate really jump start me into having a career in hvac field ?

  • THCBaked420
    THCBaked420 2 months ago 3654

    when you take the exam, do you take all 3 types?

  • Emmanuel Chavarria
    Emmanuel Chavarria 4 months ago 1727

    how long until you get the test results? i took a wrtten test like on a Friday 4/21/17.


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