GH 4/6/16 Jason & Sam Make Love

Published on April 06 ,2016 by Billy & Kelly Fans

Jason and Sam return to his place. Sam asks what just happened. He tells her to take off her coat. He shows her te bruises that Nik left on her. She said she knows and that she was trying to call the cops and he was trying to stop her. Jason says angrily that he should've broke Nik's neck and killed him. Sam says he already took a year from them and he doesn't get anymore. Jason says he just gets off. Sam tells him she doesn't care about Nikolas but him, her and danny. And if he would've killed him he would have went to prison and asks what was he thinking. Jason says he wasn't. He saw Nik hurting her and just reacted. Sam tells him nothing can keep them apart. And they start kissing. Sam tells him he's bleeding. He says he knows and it's okay. He starts unbuttoning her shirt. They start to kiss again and the shirts come off.... Jasam babies!!



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