Supreme Hobbies Airbus A330-600 Main Landing Gear Door Mod

Published on August 18 ,2016 by Brian Phillips

Supreme Hobbies Airbus A330-600 Main Landing Gear Door Mod

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  • Kaushik Roy
    Kaushik Roy 4 weeks ago 3204

    Pls make video of flying that plane and that too the camera that shoots th video is below to plane nearer to the landing gears

  • Hina Khan
    Hina Khan 2 months ago 4841

    Sir please give me one plane

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King 5 months ago 3911

    So cool

  • Behar Kryeziu
    Behar Kryeziu 5 months ago 1855

    Brian, one last question, there are 4 springs that came on a bag but I don't see where to put these, all the gears seem to have springs already installed, are they spares? thanks

  • 4FunRC
    4FunRC 6 months ago 1952

    Hello... Wonderful! Awesome, really.
    I've been pondering various types of retracts for tbe Zeta 1255mm Horten BV-38, and I certainly favor this style. Too cool!
    Thanks again for the video, very helpful. :)

  • esmil baker
    esmil baker 8 months ago 3502

    nice job man..but not such of plane like as a 330-600...only -200 and -300 exist

  • master plane
    master plane 9 months ago 5954

    cool woah

  • jeepman012
    jeepman012 10 months ago 3609

    Nice Job.


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