Top 5 Best Shots - Chasse Sanglier,Wild Boar Hunting | EP 05.mp4

Published on March 20 ,2017 by 9anas.Arabe.Tv

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** Chasse Au Sanglier,Wild Boar Hunting **

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** Chasse au Canard,Duck Hunting **


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  • amediaze amin
    amediaze amin yesterday 3210

    pfff ils ont pas d armes les pauvres

  • Ken
    Ken 5 days ago 4331

    Wow..... shooting a piggy..... great hunter!

  • Rian Cruz da Rosa
    Rian Cruz da Rosa 5 days ago 5548

    Loving it

  • Iva Buckley
    Iva Buckley 2 weeks ago 0955

    i love it when they just slide across after getting hit, Awwsome shooting, send me some meat bar be q over my house. lol.

  • MAXIMUS7018
    MAXIMUS7018 2 weeks ago 1800

    Fuck off!

  • collo collo
    collo collo 3 weeks ago 2023

    tout le monde acheve cet beau animal qui fait un travail titanesque pour notre environnement...c est un carnage

  • CJay Tube
    CJay Tube 3 weeks ago 5635

    Thumbs down everybody for fuucking click bait

  • Chayce17 Thehunter
    Chayce17 Thehunter 3 weeks ago 4831

    Just looked in comments to see all the Babies that say animal abuse XD

  • Tom Canon
    Tom Canon 3 weeks ago 2832

    I'll bet Calif charges for those tags too don't they. Let them multiply until they pay you to hunt them.

  • false profit
    false profit 4 weeks ago 0841

    That number 5 pig died from lead poisoning!


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