America's Got Talent 2017 Angelica Hale 9 Year Old Stuns Simon & The Crowd Full Audition S12E02

Published on June 07 ,2017 by Anthony Ying

This little girls started singing and I think "WHAT is coming out of this tiny person?". Incredible.

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  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 8 minutes ago 4104

    The competition between Celine and Angelica would be tough. Celine's father is a well-known vocal specialist who has trained so many singers in HK. With her own talent plus father's training, she can hit very high notes. Meanwhile, Angelica is naturally go with her own voice and also able to hit high notes as well. I do not know why I feel Angelica voice is more natural

  • Keely Irwin
    Keely Irwin 15 minutes ago 3424

    wheres the golden buzzer at?

  • Michael Villamora
    Michael Villamora 32 minutes ago 1727

    she looks like a Filipina Little Girl

  • Hanisah Nabilah
    Hanisah Nabilah 46 minutes ago 0259

    she should get THE GOLDEN BUZZER, She's so talented,
    her voice is so gifted..
    I really love it 💞

  • Lena Galstad
    Lena Galstad 49 minutes ago 5956

    She is a talented kid!!

  • Lillian Fish
    Lillian Fish an hour ago 4008

    ya girl

  • Lillian Fish
    Lillian Fish an hour ago 3917

    ya geeky

  • Jazmin Mejia
    Jazmin Mejia 2 hrs ago 5248

    lmao bitch u should have seen me when i was 9 i look 15 lmao shes so cute

  • Squimball Studios
    Squimball Studios 2 hrs ago 5213

    Pitch-perfect! Even Simon is amazed..

  • Wendy Gonzalez
    Wendy Gonzalez 3 hrs ago 0014

    She deserves the golden buzzer


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